At St Francis we aim to inspire our children to have a curiosity about and fascination with the world, it’s people and their stories – our shared past and knowledge and understanding of events and people who have shaped our world. History and Geography skills and knowledge are developed through creative and exciting topics.

 In Geography the topics enable children to develop an understanding of the interaction of human and physical resources and the formation and uses of different environments as well as gaining knowledge of key facts about the world. Children will be given opportunities to carry out field work and investigations to develop this knowledge and understanding. We also spend time studying atlases and maps of England, Europe and other continents and the world. This helps us to name and locate key countries, counties and cities as well as different physical and human features around the world.

In History the topics allow children to have an understanding of why the world is as it is – how things have developed and why. History allows us to to have an understanding of time and when significant events took place. Children can be inspired by stories of important historical figures who have made a difference. The historical skills of enquiry and investigation, using sources and knowing about authenticity and reliability of sources are an important life skill. There are also many key facts that the children will learn.

“The calling of humanities is to make us truly human in the best sense of the word.” J. Irwin Miller

Geography Curriculum

History Curriculum


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