PE and Sport is an extremely important part of our school life. One of our aims is for every child to have represented St Francis in a competitive sporting event by the time they leave us for High School. We value the skills and attitudes that sport brings and enjoy seeing children flourish and developing confidence. We take part in many competitions, both local and national,  during the year and are very successful in these.


We have competed virtually in: cross country, football, basketball and multi skills.  For these competitions the children were given a number of individual challenges in which they had to practice at break times and then be tested on them by a teacher.  Their scores were recorded and the top 3 scores for each age group were sent to the Manchester P.E School Games Organisers.

Achievements 2020-21

Cross country – In school
Jasper , Ayo, Yaser, Fakhr, Yusof, Molayo, David (Y6) JJ, Greg, David (Y4), Jacob, Junior, Walter and Jason T
Louisa, Natalie, Sara, Neveah,Nora, Amber-Louise, TJ,  Jessie, Betty, Nurshairah and Scarlett.

Virtual Central and East Manchester Cross country
Jasper 1st Ayo and Yaser joint 5th
Natalie 6th, Neveah 7th Amber-Louise 8th
Fakhr 1st, JJ 3rd Greg 4th
Louisa 1st, Sara 2nd Ara 3rd

Football – In school

Yaser, Molayo, Yusof
Betty, Lulya, liya
Tayon, Junior, Jason.T, Manny

Multi skills – in school

Mason, Corey, Greg
Zara-Lou, Ariana, Kezia, Lidya

Fakhr, Juniour, Jacob, Jake
Nora, Louisa, Viola

Yusof, Fauz, Molayo, Nick
Jessie.P, Brooke, Precious, Sarah, Amber, Lulya

Basketball – In school

David, Yaser and Molayo, Fauz, Yu-zhe, Ayo, Yusof, Nicholas

Amber, Natalie, Lulya, Betty, Precious, Chayil, Maame

We are very excited that the School Games Organisers have announced five competitions for us to attend in the next three months.  The sports are: rounders, cricket, girls football, boys football and athletics.
Finally, we have a new school record for the daily mile which now belongs to Jasper.  He completed the mile in 7minutes and 7seconds.  Also, Brooke now holds the long jump record of 11 cones.

Our children experience an extremely wide range of sports - we take every opportunity offered! 

PE and Sport in Action

We also offer Bike Right cycling lessons to our Year 5 children - during these sessions the children are taken out onto the roads around school and they learn how to cycle safely. The Bike Right team also visit the younger children to introduce them cycling with balance bikes.

Our Year 4 children go swimming every week along with a group of ten Year 3 children who have not been swimming before. We have gradually moved swimming down the school from Year 6 and are aiming for Year 2 to be the main swimming class in the next few years.

PE Curriculum

Our staff are just as enthusiastic about sport as the children. Here they are following an impromptu staff vs children rounders match after school!

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