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Here at St Francis Religious Education is a central part of our learning and it encompasses all that we do. RE is not strictly for RE lessons; it guides how we teach, learn and interact with each other throughout the school day. The 5 W’s are evident throughout our daily life at St. Francis.

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We follow ‘The Way the Truth and the Life’ scheme throughout the school; it is based on the Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church and follows the Religious Education Curriculum Directory.  The scheme covers the teachings and practises of the Catholic Church. Children’s experiences are explored and built upon to help them relate what they are learning to their own lives .The scheme incorporates attainment targets: learning about the Catholic faith (AT1) and learning from the Catholic faith (AT2). Each year group have a different focus topic every half term, which are outlined below:


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


God’s Wonderful World

My Family

The Holy Family

Good Friends

New Life

Our Church Family


God’s World

God’s Family

Getting to Know Jesus

Sorrow and Joy

New Life

Our Church Family

Year 1

God’s Great Plan

Mary, Our Mother

Families and Celebrations



The Resurrection


Year 2

The Chosen People

The Mystery of God

The Good News

The Mass


The First Christians

Year 3

The Christian Family

Mary, Mother of God

Sacrament of


Celebrating the Mass

Celebrating Easter

and Pentecost

Being a Christian

Year 4

The Bible

Trust in God

Jesus, the Teacher

Jesus, the Saviour

The Early


The Church

Year 5


God’s Covenants




Life in the Risen


Other Faiths

Year 6

The Kingdom of God


Exploring the Mass

Jesus, the Messiah

The Transforming Spirit

Called to serve


We also follow the ‘Caritas in Action’ programme, which looks at the social teachings of the church.


RE is also taught throughout other subjects such as PSHE where children are given opportunities for personal development, well-being and community cohesion by promoting mutual respect and tolerance in a diverse society.

We currently cover the teaching of other faiths by celebrating festivals throughout the year. Every class celebrates the same festival as close to the festival date as we can. It is a time children can develop their knowledge of other religions and compare them to not only the Catholic religion but other religions they have learnt about. Children are provided with lots of fun and practical opportunities to explore different festivals and develop upon their knowledge of them as they move throughout the school.


Date 2019

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish)

September 29th

Diwali (Hindu, Sikh)

October 27th

Parinirvana Day (Buddhist)

February 15th

Holi (Hindu)

March 9th/10th

Passover (Jewish)

April 8th/16th

Easter (Christian Catholic)

April 12th

Eid (Muslim)

June 23rd





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