Dear parents / carers


As you know, I am currently recovering from an operation. As I sit here, watching the latest news, I am filled with many concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Of course, I have concerns for people that may get these flu like symptoms, particularly those like the sick and the elderly  who are at a greater risk of the illness becoming more serious. But I am also distressed by the hysteria that is surrounding this illness. There are empty supermarket shelves from people panic-buying and communities that are being "blamed" for this virus. It is very sad. I feel we must be sensible but careful to ensure we remain as safe and healthy as possible.


So what can we do to help?


Firstly, don't panic! 

At St Francis, we are following the very latest guidelines from the Department for Education and Health England to ensure the safety  of our community. We are working to maintain a calm and purposeful environment for children to feel safe and to learn. 


The BEST way to stop the virus spreading is to ensure that we follow good practice guidance for keeping clean. To deal appropriately with this risk, we are asking all the children to wash their hands properly throughout the day. Visitors are screened and asked to wash their hands before working with the children. Equipment and surfaces are kept clean. We are keeping risks to a minimum and protecting school as much as we possibly can. 


We are working hard to keep school operating as normally as possible. Please be assured that if anything changes, we will, as always, keep you informed. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their vigilance and all the extra work that this has caused. I would like to say a special thank you to Mrs McGowan and Mrs Cowell who are leading the school through this extraordinary situation.


Please use reliable sources of information and advice such as the Government/ Public Health England and the BBC  and be aware that your child will have questions about this situation. 

If you are at all concerned, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Louise Frize