We hope that you and your family continue to be healthy in these difficult times.  In school we are working very hard to keep everyone as safe as possible and follow the government guidelines.  The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many challenges but despite this and the many school closures in the local area we were pleased to remain fully open for the whole of the last half term.              


Unfortunately, this term we have already closed 2 bubbles but we hope that by continuing to work together, we can keep closures to a minimum. PLEASE   remember that if someone in your house is ill or has had a test, the whole household must stay inside the house until a negative test is received.


Covid-19 Bubbles

Unfortunately we recently had to close some of our class bubbles due to confirmed cases of Covid-19.  We are looking forward to welcoming children back to school who have had to self-isolate at home. School work has been available via the Class Dojo system and pupils have been busy completing tasks for their teachers.  We encourage those parents who have not yet bought CGP books for their children to do so.  These are a very useful home study   resource for children and parents especially if children have to self-isolate.  They are available to purchase via the School Gateway App, once paid for they can be collected from the school office or brought home by children.


Parent Meetings

We have been holding virtual parents’ meeting this term. This has been going very well despite a small number of parents have had difficulty accessing the system. We had around 66% of parents who used the system smoothly which was a great success for a first use of a new and very different system.  Mrs McGowan has been chasing up the reasons for any difficulties to ensure that everyone will be able to access it easily next time. We are making sure that all parents that want a virtual meeting will have one via the new system or via a telephone call so that they can be up to date on their child’s progress or raise any issues.


Although some people have found the system a little tricky this first time there have been many benefits – parents can pre-arrange the meetings and they can be at home whilst the meeting takes place avoiding any waiting around in school etc.


Governors Meetings

School Governors Meetings have been taking place virtually


Road safety week

Road Safety week supported by the Road safety charity Brake takes place from the 16-22 November.  This year the campaign is  No Need to Speed.  We urge all parents to always drive safely and especially in the school zone.  Please tell your children the key road safety messages, reminding them to look and listen carefully before crossing roads in safe places. It’s an ideal time to talk to them about the health and environmental benefits of walking and cycling too.


Parking / Dropping-off children

We also continue to ask for your support in terms of parking safely and driving safely near school.   Everybody knows how important this is for the safety of all our pupils and the school community.  Neighbours recently complained to the police about the parking and driving of some parents.  As a result Traffic 

Sacramental Programme 2020-2021

We have given a letter to all parents in Years 3-6 with details of how we hope the Sacramental Programme for 2020-21 will run.  Father Kevin hopes that the programme will start up in January 2021 and that the children will be able to make their First Holy Communion in June.  The sessions will probably be “virtual” and done online.  When churches are open again, there will be a certain number of Masses that you need to attend with your child and the church will give details of these.


It is important that you complete the registration for your child to be on the programme.


Please could you return the registration form to school or to church by

WEDNESDAY 16 DECEMBER at the latest, so that we have all the details and are ready to make a start with the programme in January.


Please note, that though the programme is mainly for children in Year 3, it is possible for children in Years 4, 5 and 6 to be included. Children on the programme need to be baptised Catholics.  However, it is also possible to prepare children for baptism and for children baptised into other Christian denominations to be received into the Catholic Church. 

Please contact Father Kevin in either of these cases.


Payments to School

After the disruption at the end of the last school year many people did not manage to settle their accounts with school for school meals or clubs / activities.  If you have any debts with school they should be showing on your School Gateway app and the office will have sent you a reminder (in some cases, several).  It is important that all parents make sure their payments are up to date with all outstanding amounts paid.  Please make payments via School Gateway or contact the office. 


Christmas 2020

This year things will be a little different as we follow the government guidelines to keep pupils, families and staff as safe as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic.  We still plan to have our usual Christmas Dinner for pupils and staff on Wednesday 16th December – this will be available to pupils who usually have a packed lunch by booking it on the School Gateway app – details will be posted soon.  Children who already have a school lunch do not need to book.

We will be having a Christmas jumper day, class parties and other fun activities.


Sending all our familes lots of love

Mrs Frize