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Online Safety is something that is always high on our list of priorities. In school we teach children how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly; recognise acceptable/unacceptable behaviour and to identify a range of ways to report concerns and inappropriate behaviour. We have regular training for children, staff and parents.

Please find our Online Safety Policy and additional information to help you here:

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          Information about Momo

There has been some recent unsettling stories about Momo in the press. These stories are not based on fact and have been described as scaremongering by online safety experts. We received the following advice from Stella James from Gooseberry – an online safety firm –

We have had many calls in from schools wanting handouts on the game Momo.

Momo has been around for the last 18 months and is not new.  The media have managed to whip up a bit of a frenzy amongst parents.  It was originally an app but that has been removed and it is now scary videos that are being distributed via WhatsApp, YouTube and online gaming (live streaming).

A simple tip is to turn off ‘auto play’ on YouTube and ensure that your contact details are hidden on WhatsApp.  Make sure the ‘no fill’ option is ‘on’ within Fortnite and all settings within your Xbox and PlayStation are closed.

Kind regards

Stella James
Head GooseberryAlthough MOMO is not nice it seems that the media have over-dramatised it.  The advice from experts is not spread the panic about Momo – get involved and supervise what your young children are watching, whatever it may be.

Please look at the useful guides below

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Parenting in a Digital World

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