Our Clubs

We have a wide range of clubs running after school. Some clubs run all year such as Judo and Spanish. Some clubs run on a termly basis and some sports clubs are run in order to prepare for tournaments. A Termly timetable is sent home and is available from the office.

It is very important that, if your child registers for a club, they do attend it each week. We have waiting lists for places for many of the clubs and also need to know how many children will be attending each club in order to staff it.
Clubs will start in the first week of each term.  We have also introduced a morning club each day which runs alongside the usual Breakfast Club. The Summer Term  Morning clubs are Running, IT, Dodgeball, Fitness and Gymnastics. Spring Term After School Clubs include Multiskills, Dance, Judo, Gardening, Art, Gymnastics, Basketball, Football and, new for this year, BMX club.

Here are the BMX Club at their first session, ready to go!

BMX club 1



Here are some pictures of our Summer Term Gardening Club preparing the beds for the hot summer by covering the soil with sawdust to keep the moisture in. They have already sampled delicious, sweet peas and taken home enormous courgettes. What delights will they come back to in September?