At St. Francis collective worship is an important part of school life, making time for pupils and staff to come together and share in worship through learning, music, reflection and prayer. Children enjoy having the time to gather together to relax and talk to God. It is an opportunity for us to listen to scripture, discuss and respond to it. We take away a message, to think about and sometimes act upon, for the week. Staff and children really enjoy this time together and use it as a chance to reflect and refocus on God’s beautiful world. It is often a time to think about how we should be following his word. Right from Year 1, children are encouraged to lead prayer during collective worship and as they move through the school children are given opportunities to plan and lead. Our chaplains also support in leading some collective worships throughout the year.

We have many opportunities for worship including Friday Fellowship with Mrs Frize, class collective worship and staff monthly worship.

Collective worship in Action

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