World War 1

ww1 remembrance
Year 4 used drama to commemorate 100 years since WW1 ended. In small groups, they created their own version of Chapel Street, Altrincham, ‘The bravest little street in Britain’, as 161 men signed up from this one street when the war began. Each group were given a name of a soldier from the Cheshire Regiment and created their home on Chapel street, they then used silent drama to act out what life at home may have been like before the war began, when they waved the men off to war, receiving news from the front line and finally ending with the news of whether their soldier returned. The children demonstrated a mature and respectful attitude throughout and gained a deeper level of understanding of what life was like, not just for soldiers and nurses at war, but also for the family and friends left behind.
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Macmillan Coffee Morning 2018

We were so proud of our school community this morning – they raised over £500 for Macmillan at our coffee morning. Staff and parents donated delicious cakes and staff served ‘grab and go’ coffees and teas for our busy parents. Our fabulous lunchtime organisers held a cheese pie lunch and raffle adding to the total. Mr Connolly made two gorgeous sausage rolls for a staff competition and this was won by Miss Catahan – she very kindly shared it with the rest of us.

A huge thank you to everyone in our school family who participated.

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Year 4 have been inspired by the Manchester Bees and have learnt all about how important and interesting bees are. They visited some of the bees that have landed at Manchester City on a very rainy day. We are not sure how Mr Lowe ended up with an umbrella!

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Cross Country News

We were delighted with the great individual and team performances at the Cross Country competitions at Chorlton Park. The children take part in two different races over two weeks and their scores are added together to give them an individual position and a team position. There are huge numbers of children from all over Manchester who take part in this competition.

Over the few years that we have been participating in this competition we have got better and better and this years results were the best yet. Our boys team was 2nd in Manchester and our girls came 3rd. Our top individual results were very impressive too. Ethan was the number 1 boy in Manchester! Satara was the 2nd girl and Caitlin was the 4th girl. Ike and Elizabeth were both 5th. We are now through to the Finals in November. Good luck to everyone.

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Poetry Slam

We had a great Poetry Slam, with every KS1 and 2 class learning and performing poetry for each other.

The Slam opened with a very atmospheric and moving performance of Iron and The Soldier by Y4. Then Year 1 shared a poem about aliens that they had written themselves. What talented children.

Year 5 performed I am old Father William by Lewis Carroll and Year 3 were excited to note that they were studying Alice in Wonderland by Carroll too.

Y2 not only performed a poem called He used to be a pirate, but also showed us some pirate dances that they had created.

Year 3 shared a lovely poem called Aim High, which Miss Collins said showed our school values in action. It certainly did.

Finally, Year 6 had created a fantastic, active and funny performance of Turkeys aren’t just for Christmas by Benjamin Zephaniah.

It was wonderful to see every child enjoying listening to and performing poetry.

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Sporting Reporting

Just before Christmas we had a crack news team look at all the sport on offer at St Francis. This is a brief edit of their extensive study of sporting excellence and fun.

St Francis Sports 2017-18

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