Autumn Term 2016

Wow! What a busy start to our school year.

Over  the holiday we had part of our roof replaced, which will make our classrooms watertight and warmer in the Winter.

We have welcomed our new Nursery children, who all settled very quickly as a result of the care of our Foundation Stage Team. Mr Bell also became a father during that time and we were so pleased to see Zachary George and his mum and dad when they visited school.

We have also welcomed new staff members, Miss Robinson and Miss Frigerio into our Foundation Stage Team and Miss Worsley, Mrs Egharevba, Miss Thompson and Miss Worsley into our Lunchtime Team. It already feels like they have always been at our school!

Year 4 and 5 have started their swimming lessons and we have already got some children who are happily reaching the expected standard.

Year 5 also took part in Bike Right training with nearly every child in the class achieving their Grade 2 certificates.

Lots of fantastic trips have also taken place –

Reception children went to look at the Monastery.

Year 1 are den building in Lyme Park this week. They had a fairy move into their classroom and we suspect that she might be going on their trip with them!

Year 2 spent a great day exploring Skipton Castle. They even got put in the dungeon!

Year 3 had an extremely interesting day at Knowsley Safari Park. They came back buzzing with excitement.

We have many other great experiences planned for this term.

We had three Speech and Language students join us for a placement and four Trainee Teachers came for a week to prepare them for their block placements later in the term.

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Goodbye Year 6

Class of 2016

If you missed the Leavers Mass, this is a copy of the video presentation of the Class of 2016. How they have changed! They go on to new schools ready to sprinkle some of the St Francis loveliness wherever they go. Good luck Year 6.

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Spelling Bee 2016

Children from Y1 to Y6 competed in class to win their way through to the school Spelling Bee final as part of various event in Competition Week. The week also included a hotly contested maths competition, a Dance Off , a Poetry Slam, a story writing competition and an art competition.

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Multi-Faith Week 2016

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As part of many activities during Multi-faith Week groups of children learned about foods associated with the religion they were studying.


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Ofsted visit November 2015

We were pleased to welcome Mr Martin Bell HMI for a one day inspection on 23rd November 2015. He spent a very busy day speaking to lots of different people, observing lessons and looking at childrens’ work.

We were delighted that he recognised all the wonderful aspects of our school. He also gave us some very useful pointers to help us to remain outstanding!

St Francis 10002583 report

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Christmas Deliveries

Look who was delivering Christmas presents at school today – Mia, our school dog in her beautiful Christmas jumper!


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Lovely news!

We are always proud of the children and staff of our school but we received the following wonderful email today from Sergeant Andy Beasley from Gorton Police Station which made us feel even more proud!


For the attention of the Head. This morning I was out walking the beat when I passed the school. All the staff outside preparing the playground said ‘Good Morning’ as I walked by, which might not be that unusual, but then as I moved around the corner in Assisi Gardens I met a young boy on his way to school. He stopped and said ‘ Good morning. How are you today?’. We had a short conversation but unfortunately I did not get his name. It shouldn’t be surprising to me that a child speaks to me in the street, but this young man was so polite and it happened so quickly after the interaction with your staff, that I couldn’t shake the feeling that the two must be related. I believe that the way this young man behaved not only reflects tremendously on him but also says a great deal about the standards set in your school, standards clearly met and encouraged by your staff. Please feel free to share my thoughts with your staff and parents if you wish. Merry Christmas Andy Beasley Police Sergeant

How lovely for him to not only recognise this, but also to take time out of his very busy day to let us know.

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