Please use Studybugs to report your  child’s absence.


Why is it important to have good attendance?

Maintaining high attendance is fundamental to delivering a high quality education — and, ultimately, to children achieving the best results they can.

If your child is not in school, they will miss essential parts of their education and fall behind in class. They will also miss out on crucial social and physical development. 

  • Good attendance leads to good levels of achievement.
  • Good attendance establishes positive patterns for future learning in life and work.
  • Good attendance builds self-confidence.
  • Good attendance allows your child to make good friendships and flourish socially.
  • Good attendance promotes a happy positive attitude to school.
  • Good attendance helps your child to feel part of the school community, to feel valued and develop his or her skills, interests and abilities to the full.


90% attendance sounds good but it means that your child misses:

One half day each week

Nearly four weeks every school year

Over one school year in a school career


Lateness also has a huge impact on your child's learning, as research shows that children learn the most in the first lesson of the day  and if your child is late on a regular basis they will be missing an important part of their education as well as disrupting the lesson for the other pupils in their class.

Types of Absence

Authorised absence :

This is when your child is ill or if they have an unavoidable medical appointment or a family bereavement.

Unauthorised absence :

This is when your child is not in school and there is no good reason for this eg: they are shopping, visiting relatives, tired etc



We have signed up to an amazing app called Studybugs, which is a more efficient and secure system for reporting your child’s absence due to illness.

The Studybugs app is free to set up and use on your mobile phone so won’t cost you to let us know of your child’s absence. Alternatively, you can register on the Studybugs website, and use it to tell us whenever your child is ill and unable to attend school.



Get the app or register now 



Top 3 reasons to use Studybugs

1. It is integrated with our systems so that we know immediately if your child is absent.

2. It is quick and easy to register and use and automatically reminds you to keep us posted.

3. You will be helping the NHS to improve children’s health. This means that the NHS can track patterns of ill health around the country eg flu/measles and prepare for further outbreaks. It does not report any details about your child’s individual illness 

If for some reason you are unable to use the app, please do the following:

  1. Phone school on the first day of absence. Failure to notify school may result in the school contacting you to find out why your child is absent. This causes unnecessary work for staff and can be easily avoided.
  2. On return to school, send a letter via the class teacher, stating why your child has been absent.



  • The government require that all attendance is monitored.
  • A weekly check is made by the School and the School Attendance Officers.
  • School is required to set an attendance target which is reported to the Local Authority.
  • School is then judged against this target.


At St Francis Primary School, we recognise the importance of regular and punctual attendance and we have therefore set a challenging target…






Causes for concern could be:


· Frequent / regular patterns of absence

· Suspicion that a child is truanting or has been known to truant.

· Pupils on the SEN / Child Protection Register.


Where pupils are causing a concern, a home-visit by the School Attendance Officer may be considered after consultation with the Headteacher. Parents may also be called to an Attendance Panel meeting to explain absences to a group of professionals.


Legally, parents have a responsibility to ensure that their child attends school.   

Please note that children whose attendance falls below 90% will be recorded as having persistent absence which in some cases can lead to prosecution of the parent / carer, in accordance with the 1996 Education Act.

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