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13 May 2021

Water Cycle

Our mini water cycles are up and ready to demonstrate the stages of the water cycle. We can't wait to see evaporation, condensation and precipitation happening before our eyes! 

12 May 2021

Cave Art

Today in Topic, we travelled back to the Stone Age! We had a look at some cave art and discussed what we could see in the images. Then, we had a try at creating our very own cave paintings. First, we stained our paper using teabags. Then, we practiced using cocktail sticks to paint our design...

12 May 2021

The Resurrection of Jesus

Year Two have been learning about the Resurrection in our RE lessons. We discussed how the disciples and Jesus' other friends and family would be feeling after they saw him die on Good Friday. Then we listened to the story of Easter Sunday, pausing at different parts to discuss the feelings o...

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