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22 September 2020

Say Hello to our new Sports Squad

Here is our 2020-2021 Sports Squad. You will be hearing from them all very soon, please keep an eye out for their blog posts.

4 September 2020

Charcoal drawing

In Year 5, we discussed 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch and shared ideas on what the artist might have been going through and his thoughts and feelings at the time of painting it. Then, we discussed our thoughts and feelings during our time away from school and how we could use art as a way ...

4 September 2020

Worry dolls

Some children around school are creating their own worry dolls using pipe cleaners, thread and some stitching. According to legend, Guatemalan children would tell their worries to worry dolls and place them under their pillows at night so that when morning came, their worries would be alleviated....

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