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14 February 2020


It's been another creative (and noisy!) day in Year 4. We have been busy making panflutes from plastic barrier pipes. We've had to use maths skills for measuring and DT skills for sawing. Not only that, but we've had to combine it with our knowledge of sound and what we discovered abo...

12 February 2020

USA Landmarks - final pieces

Here are our final pieces!! We are so proud of them. Can you recognise anywhere? We've got Mount Rushmore, The Golden Gate Bridge, the White House, Yellowstone National Park, Niagra Falls, Hoover Dam, The Statue of Liberty, Route 66, The Grand Canyon, The Empire State Building and the Hollywo...

12 February 2020

USA Landmarks - The making

We have had a very busy day in Year 4 putting our art and DT skills to work. We designed and turned shoeboxes into amazing landmarks from the USA linking to our topic of Road Trip USA. We have measured, cut, used saws and glue guns, done sewing, used a whole range of resources and&...

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