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13 June 2021

Word Problems!

This week in maths, we were working on consolidating our knowledge of multiplication and division. We had lots of practice at using the standard method for multiplication, and the bus stop method for division, before tackling some word problems! We worked brilliantly as teams to get all the p...

9 June 2021

Skara Brae!

Today, as part of our topic, we were looking at Skara Brae, which is an archaeological site of a stone age settlement! We learned lots of things about it, such as where it is, how it was discovered, what the insides looked like, and why it was built in a certain way. We then used our amazing ...

8 June 2021

Balloon Globes

Today Year 1 made globes using a balloon. We cut and stuck the continents on the balloon and stuck coloured string to show the equator and the different climate zones.  Have a look at our globes!

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